Generous lots, private drives and interiors containing beautiful wood trim, hardwood floors and fireplaces. The homes in Leaside are a little more modest compared to other affluent neighbourhoods in Toronto, but remain a desireable community in Toronto. The neighbourhood boasts character, it’s a destination for foodies, bursting with antique stores and contains plenty of green space.  

In 1913, the Canadian Northern Railways laid out plans for a one-thousand-acre community, which would be Leaside. Leaside’s Tudor-style houses were built in the 1930’s and 1940’s. There is a healthy mix of two-storey dethatched homes, bungalows and semi-dethatched homes. Some of the original homes have additions, others have been replaced by new custom designed homes. In the 1990’s a handful of condominiums and townhomes began to show up on the periphery of the neighbourhood.  

Leaside is a great neighbourhood for those who enjoy recreational activities not far from where they live. Indulge in nature and fitness in Serena Gundy Park and Sunnybrook Park. Sunnybrook Park has top notch sports fields, an exercise trail and horseback riding stables. If you’re a tennis player or just love the game, you’ll be happy to be close to Trace Manes Park, which is the home of the Leaside Tennis Club and its six courts. Leaside also has many baseball diamonds, an outdoor natural ice rink and playgrounds making it a family-friendly neighbourhood and active person’s haven.