This busy and densely populated neighbourhood is perfect for new families and young couples looking for a place to set their roots. Located directly north of Mount Pleasant Cemetery, it offers a mix of residential and commercial properties making it a convenient location. The homes offer character, as many of the homeowners have been there since the neighbourhood began to form in the 1920’s and 1940’s. This more affordable neighbourhood is great for the young couple looking for their first home and prime location in midtown Toronto.

The moderate-sized homes are reflective of the time they were built and are mostly English Cottage and Edwardian style. They have been built on narrow lots that allow homeowners to grow lovely gardens and add their own unique personal touch. Mixed in with these homes are a handful of commercial buildings and low/high rise apartment and condo buildings. This mix makes for an energetic group of people who create a fun and upbeat vibe. With the wide selection of homes available in Davisville, there’s also a wide range of pricing.

The area offers something for both children and adults. June Rowlands Park is full of kid-centric features such as a splash pad, playground and lush full trees. This park also serves up farm fresh produce at the summer farmer’s market, which gives a nice alternative to shopping at supermarkets. Maurice Cody Junior Public School located between Bayview and Mount Pleasant gives children a grassy schoolyard and a woodland garden. For the adults, there’s no shortage of bistros, bars and coffee shops. Just take a walk on Mount Pleasant and you’ll be met with many to choose from. When the months begin to get cold, The Hodgson public rink has pleasure skating, which adds some historic charm to the neighbourhood, especially during the holiday season.

If you’re looking for neighbourhood historical features, you can catch a flick at one of two historic independent movie theatres, The Mount Pleasant Theatre and The Regent Theatre. If you head over to the Starbucks on the northeast corner of Yonge Street and Davisville Avenue, you’ll be entering the original post office, which dates back to 1840.